Attention Young Writers

You know who you are. You’re the kids with characters in your heads, inventing predicaments, imagining scenes. Maybe you think of yourself as a writer. Maybe you’re not that bold–yet.

Here’s an idea. Trying thinking of yourself as a storyteller. That’s what I do, and it relieves some of the pressure. I find if I focus more on telling a story and less on the writing-it-down part, the words come easier. I still write my stories on paper. I just write them the way I imagine telling my granddaughters, or a non-judgmental friend.

When I spoke to the seventh graders at Brambleton Middle School recently, I was asked a few times for my best writing advice. It’s this: just write. Tell your stories. Get them on paper without judging them. You can go back and edit and smooth over the grammar and the spelling. Try not to edit as you go–just go, GO, while the story tells itself to you.

That’s the whole idea behind National Novel Writing Month. Why not check out the Young Writers Program? It’s free and offers writing challenges year-round, but November is the month writers of all ages are encouraged to crank out a novel in 30 days.

Tempting, isn’t it?

Teachers: Check out the resources available to help you encourage the storytellers among you. Yours is a sacred calling!

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