The Climbing Tree

“A congenial celebration of play and generosity.” -Kirkus Reviews

Eleanor learns that climbing a tree is not as easy as a squirrel makes it look. But she persists and finds a fascinating new world to explore. When her family moves away, Eleanor’s heart aches for her beloved tree, and she wonders if it misses her too. Returning for a visit, Eleanor shows a small boy how to climb the tree, and her act of kindness leads to an unexpected gift.

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Virginia Loves Dogs

Dog lessons for all dog lovers.”

Virginia just wants to make ALL the dogs happy. She loves fluffy dogs and scruffy dogs, squeaky clean dogs and doggone dirty dogs. She loves dogs so much she’ll do whatever she can to make them happy. Her good intentions don’t always go over so well with the grownups in her life, but no amount of scolding dims the sheer joy she feels in the company of canines—until the day she meets a dog who doesn’t love her and learns an important lesson about “doggie manners” and loving some dogs from a safe distance. A sweet, funny story about unconditional love with whimsical illustrations that will have the littles poring over every page.

Caroline and the Not-Mamma

“…a charming, quietly tender, and very funny take on the melodramatic emotions of small children.” -Kirkus Reviews

Caroline alternates between terror and fury when her parents leave her in the care of her Grandmother for the day. To Caroline, “Grandmother” is “Not-Mamma,” and she SCREAMS at the woman’s every attempt to make her happy. But as the day goes on, Caroline’s worst fears fail to materialize and she finds it harder and harder to remain grumpy.

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