Flashlight Fiction!

Here's a free, low-tech activity kids of all ages love. All you need is a flashlight and imagination. Get the kids to take turns telling stories while holding a flashlight under their chins. Start them off with a story of your own if they need a little encouragement. Most kids are happy to jump right in! My five- and seven-year-old granddaughters get downright ghoulish with their tales of monsters and mayhem. Why save spooky for one night a year?

Add atmosphere and excitement with a fire and some marshmallows. If you're stuck indoors, just turn off the lights and make microwave S'mores!

You can preserve the memories by making a video of the kids. I turned one of Eleanor's stories into a short movie to share with the family. See it here: The Strange Story of the Chicken and the Boy.


Draw a Dolphin!

My granddaughters and I are just a little obsessed with the Arts for Kids Hub on YouTube. The videos are fun to watch and easy to follow. Try drawing a dolphin with the young artist in your life! (You can subscribe directly to the channel by clicking on the link above.)